Super Mario Mobile Detailing

Question: Do I have to provide water or electricity for your mobile service?

Answer: No, we bring everything with us! We get water from the watertank and electricity from the watt generator, so we can detail your car anywhere!

Question: What is the difference between the 'gas station car wash' and our hand wash service?

Answer: There is a significant difference. Our hand wash service removes all the spots, pollen and bugs from the surface while protecting the car's finish. We use sponges and towels that don't scratch the paint, we do thorough vacuum, clean door jambs and we clean windows to streak free state.

Question: How often should I do clay bar and wax treatment on my car?

Answer: It is recommended to wax a car every 4 to 6 months.

Question: What is the clay bar treatment?

Answer: The clay bar treatment is highly recommended before buffing. It removes all of fallout from paint, which makes it smooth and ready for wax/sealant application.

Question: What is the difference between hand wax and machine wax application (buffing)?

Answer:Wax applied to paint with a polisher (either high speed or dual action) protects the clear coat much better than hand applied wax. Polisher can have up to 6000 rpm (rotations per minute)!

Question: Can buffing make swirlmarks?

Answer: If it's done correctly there are no swirlmarks/holograms. We guarantee no swirlmarks/holograms after buffing!

Question:What kind of scratches can be buffed out?

Answer:All scratches that didn't come through the paint can be buffed out. If a scratch has come through the clear coat, it can only be smoothened but not completely removed.

If you have any question, please e-mail us and we would be happy to help!